Couples Testimonials

“I feel so grateful and lucky that I found Ellen Champion when I did. As a recently divorced woman I was searching for tools and understanding to make sure my old patterns did not find their way back into my life and sabotage my current relationship.

“After one session with Ellen I knew I had found the right person. Quite different from ‘therapy’, Ellen helped guide me to find ways to connect with my inner feelings of vulnerability, fear of loss and winning approval from others.

“Within several weeks and individual homework assignments, I became very clear on my internal voice and had a big breakthrough that I feel otherwise may never have come. Today, my relationship with my boyfriend is much stronger and I know that I have found the peace within I had been searching for.

“Ellen is a warm, down to earth woman who tells it straight and guides you to your own sense of self and understanding. She made herself available to me between our sessions and I felt she was always my ‘champion’.

“Thank you Ellen, my life is happier, healthier and more joyful than ever.” – Heather

“I have known Ellen for a few years now and have had the opportunity to not only get to know her professionally but also personally. As a Life Coach/Relationship Coach, Ellen provides very useful, heartfelt advise to those who are looking to enhance and grow their relationships. She provides more useful skills to her clients which allows them to create healthy patterns that provide for a happier and more fulfilling life. Ellen is not only a loving and caring individual, she is also someone who consistently strives to make the world a better place. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their personal and/or professional life.” – Lisa

“I hired Ellen Champion to coach me on my marriage with my wonderful husband.  She helped me explore some mental and emotional blocks around being more present and open to receiving love with/from the man I love.  She uses personal stories, powerful exercises and deep conversations to quickly get to the root of the road blocks and come out the other side feeling more alive and connected.

“If you want to:
-Help old relationship pains
-Be more present in your life
-Fully experience life instead of just go through the motions

“Ellen is your advocate for healing, self love, improved confidence.

“Get her step-by-step tools to get the results your heart desires.  Hire Ellen if you want to:
-Save a marriage
-Feel a deeper connection with yourself and loved ones
-Clear old baggage and
-Feel more love and light in your relationships with yourself and others

“A funny thing happens when you choose to work with Ellen the “people around you” suddenly change for the better.” – Ruth

“This is just to say thank you for your efforts in coaching me over the last few months. I feel that I received a lot from the sessions, and was extremely impressed with your sensitivity, intuitive accuracy, and your ability to penetrate to the heart of any issue. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to others.” – John

“Ellen and I know each other from networking and shared learning experiences, and I came to trust her and respect her enough to both invite her to work with one of my clients, and also to support me in attempting to repair and then shift out of a difficult relationship.

“I always knew she had an enormous heart, wisdom and perspective, but was even more impressed that she could manage to apply them that kept professional, friendship, and coaching relationships all in their right places. Her greatest contribution was helping me get clarity on what was “mine” in a heart-breaking situation, so that rather than live in a dog house of powerlessness, I could let go of what I couldn’t impact and turn to what I could. My heart and sense of worth owe her a great deal.” – Mark

Personal Testimonials

“I was experiencing issues regarding money and relationships and finally wanted to resolve this. Well, all I can say I was ‘blown away’ and totally impressed’ when Ellen supported me to work through these blocks! She was amazing! She was very quick to intuitively know where to ask the right questions so ‘I’ realized the blocks, connections and how they were all related; very powerful! Ellen has a lovely calm manner and approach, which really supported me, emotionally and spiritually, through the sessions we had together.

She was ‘totally there’ for me, even in between sessions. Ellen is a genuinely beautiful person who wanted the best for me so I can achieve all that I want in my life and move forward. I will always be grateful to you, Ellen. I will be highly recommending you.” – Sharon

“Ellen is an excellent life coach. She has a great rapport with her clients and assists them in finding root causes that are preventing their success in any number of professional or personal areas. Ellen helped me with a business issue and I found her to be instrumental in my success. I would recommend her highly for any coaching situation.” – Grant

“I want you to know what an EMPOWERING coach you are. I want you to know how much I feel ‘heard’ and listened to by your attention to detail and unexpected things you do to lift my spirits. You seem to always know the right thing to say at the right time that makes all the difference.

“Your resourcefulness of finding things to send me or bring to my attention that pertain to the situation at hand is remarkable. Your empathy and understanding of how my chronic conditions have altered my life give me hope. I remember when I first met you and you asked to list my chronic conditions and how they effected my life, the panic I felt in my gut. I remember telling you that people I KNOW don’t have this information about me forget about people I DON’T KNOW. I will never forget what your response was. You said, ‘I am here to help you, not to ridicule you, embarrass you, or make you feel bad about yourself. I’m here to help. My hand is extended.’ You have made a profound impact on me and in my life. I think I’ll keep you forever. I really appreciate you.”  – Tammy

“I am a single woman who has become disabled with debilitating migraines about four years ago. Being alone with no family support or help, Ellen’s coaching has been my lifeline. She is always very generous with her time and gives wholly of herself during our sessions. She always makes herself available whenever you’d her — no matter what time.
“Ellen truly cares about her client and this comes through loud and clear. Just feeling her care and concern has been very uplifting for me. I feel that I’m not totally alone, although I still am physically.
“She has given me some great ideas about solving my problems and daily struggles and pain. She has helped me to focus, set goals and gives me direction when I don’t know which way to turn. Ellen has helped me focus on the positive, but also deal with the reality of the negatives.
“It has really been a great blessing for me to find someone who deals with disabled individuals and understands their unique pain, fears and frustrations. When I complete a session, I somehow feel less hopeless and more able to keep going.”
Dating Testimonials

“My experience with Ellen Champion has been nothing short of mind blowing. In an effort to understand what I require, want and need in a relationship, Ellen supported and guided me through a 12 week program, ‘Conscious Dating’. The results have been astounding. I have been able to realize and uncover specific areas in my past relationships that were clear “red flags” and now am able to see why they didn’t work out for me.

“With this knowledge I feel confident that my future relationship(s) will be better suited for me and my family. Ellen has a unique way to uncover hidden and subconscious ways of being. Her personality is one of dedication, enthusiasm and love. She has been there for me every step of the way. The Conscious Dating program should be mandatory for those who have been questioning why they continue to find themselves in a relationship that doesn’t work. Today, I know what kind of man I want to spend the rest of my life with and have the tools to find him.” – Sarah

Family Testimonials

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Ellen on an issue involving my son. I turned to her when I became frustrated over his loss of interest and cooperation with his father and I on matters of personal finances. When we relocated out of state, our son stayed behind and started his life as a single young man at the age of 19 who had a decent job and good pay.  We understood this was a huge responsibility for him at that age, but we had faith he could develop the needed skills to enjoy his independence.

“We worked with him on a budget and asked that he contact us weekly to stay on top of it so he can learn the tools of money management. But, slowly the process became too frustrating for him and he avoided dealing with it. This caused frustrating situations where we had to “bail him out” financially, which further created tensions in my relationship with my husband.

“After talking with Ellen for an hour, she helped me parse out important issues that were so hard to see when I was too emotionally stressed by the situation. I was able to stand back and take an objective view and approach it in a more constructive way, not only with my son, but husband as well. We were able to form an alliance of common goals and brought a system to our son that was non-confrontational and empowering to him.

“We soon regained footing and my son is back on track! Not only are we proud of him and confident that he is headed in the right direction, but my husband and I no longer fight over how to manage the situation, and we no longer fight with my son. THANK YOU ELLEN!!!!” – Dona

Business Testimonials

“Ellen Champion helps you step outside your business and look at it from your audience’s point of view. Thanks to Ellen and her insightful work, I’ve grown considerably in how I approach my business. From our work together, I am also thrilled to have a treasure trove of fresh ideas and to have reignited my fire for some shelved projects, which are finally ready to be fruitful for my business. Everyone needs a champion of their business to grow. You deserve to make this person Ellen Champion—a winner with a big heart and kind soul!” – Brian

“I have experienced Ellen both as a presenter and a business coach. My first exposure to this dynamic woman was in the spring of 2002 at the District 53 Toastmaster’s Conference. She was one of the main presenters there. I can still remember the clear and captivating questions she asked, ‘What do you really want to do?’ That question and the rest of her guidance during that seminar brought me to a deeper insight about my true mission and purpose in life.

“What I really wanted to do was travel the world sharing ‘Miracles at Work: Building Your Business from the Soul Up’ which is my book and a new business paradigm that I have worked to create the last seven years. To do this, I enlisted Ellen’s help as a business coach. I found her to be very open to the amount and type of coaching that I needed. She asked the right questions. That is what a business guide is meant to do. Because of those right questions, I have sold my house, put my sailboat up for sale and begun to free myself of other obligations. This will enable me to be on the road this winter, sharing my message and seeing the world through ‘fresh eyes’. I don’t expect Ellen to convince you to give it all up and become a traveling disciple, but if you’re a little willing, she will help you smash through any blocks that might be hindering you from reaching your true unlimited potential. I highly recommend Ellen as a speaker, presenter and a coach.” – John”I just wanted to write to express my gratitude to you. I feel that the coaching you have done with me for the past seven months has completely transformed me on many different levels. I now have better control over my time and how I spend it, and I better understand my values, priorities and motivations.

“One exercise that was particularly helpful was writing down my fantasies and daydreams. It was from that exercise that I discovered that my true motivation was not so much money, but helping others and receiving recognition. I’ve used this exercise with co-workers and they have found it equally enlightening to gain a better understanding of themselves and some practical approaches to utilizing that knowledge. I will definitely be in touch and keep you updated on my progress.” – Joanna

“The skills required for success in my professional career changed dramatically in the last three years. Due to the downturn in the economy, fundraising skills emerged as the main task of all nonprofit Executive Directors, particularly at small, grassroots agencies.
“I found myself with a job function I knew very little about and felt very uncomfortable doing. As a result, critical funding was missed due to my limited skills. I realized I was help back in my job performance by my inability to ask for money or in business terms – sales for my organization.
“I began to work with Ellen in January 2004. The ‘Reach for More’ workbook is excellent. I found the workbook to be a great start to coaching. The workbook brings you through a process of defining core values, beliefs, life goals. The workbook intertwining LIFE goals, not just professional goals, for the overall empowerment in life. If one is honest in completing the workbook, goals flows easily from the self examination. My answers were very revealing and became the focus of my personal and professional goals.
“The phone sessions work great. Ellen is very focused, intuitive, supportive but pushes you to stay focused to reach goals and dreams. She provides guidance and support based on many years in professional capacity herself and thereby offers real work perspective and real world solutions to trying business and personal struggles.”
“After one year in coaching with Ellen —
~ I ‘sell’ or ask regularly and feel comfortable with this job function
~ Conquering my fear of asking/selling had a ripple effect throughout my life – I feel more confident in interpersonal relationships including my staff and personal life.
~ Asking had a lot do with fear, once I conquered the fear my confidence grew, I executed job tasks with success, I set ambitious goals and feel more energized towards my work than I have in 3 years.
“Examining core beliefs that hold us all back allows one to shift to a more empowered place internally resulting in behavior and actions that are free of the limitations of false beliefs. The breakthrough of core beliefs has a ripple effect of empowerment – the focus may be work but the resulting confidence and ability to communicate has improved all aspects of my life including family, friendships, work.
“I look forward to my coaching sessions as a time of professional development. Best money spent for professional development, focus on the individual’s strengths, weaknesses.
“Immediate effect – goal setting, excitement, new focus on work, friend, supporter in a way a boss cannot be.” – Marybeth
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