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What I Offer

  • To coach and teach people to create kindness, understanding and love in their world.
  • To empower people to make better choices in their relationships and life.


  • To Create a kind and understanding world one relationship at a time.
Think of coaching with me as a partnership toward your success. Through asking WAQ (Wisdom Access Questions) and offering exercises and assignments, I will guide you through a journey of discovering who you are, what you want and in which direction you want to go. I am not here to judge you – only to help. Together, we will uncover the right path and get you where you want to be.
“Ellen’s Coaching style is gentle, supportive and non-judgmental but she can get you to the heart of the matter with an amazing efficiency She is an intense listener and not only hears what you are saying but also sees what it really means. Through written assessment tools and careful questioning Ellen helps you define and give voice to the vague fears and desires that dim your vision and hem in your creativity. Once these obstacles to clarity have been defined, Ellen works with you to remove them. This makes it possible to begin to set goals and plan the strategies for reaching those goals.

“Ellen’s main concern throughout the coaching relationship is what is best for you. Talking with her feels like a chat with a caring and generous friend but each session is actually a carefully orchestrated conversation designed to help you gain new insights into your fears, needs and motivations so that you can make better decisions about the direction of your life.” – Margaret

Be Your Best You

Create a healthy & loving relationship with yourself

To help you be the best version of yourself; to help you to be your own best friend; to have the fulfilling and rewarding life you dream of.

Learn to respect your needs and wants

Whether you are looking for your ideal partner or not, learning to love yourself in a healthy way is extremely important. Everything in life is a direct result of the relationship you have with yourself, from finding your ideal mate to your relationship with money, health/weight management, organization, financial and career success.

Champion Relationships

Set your limiting relationship beliefs free and reach for new heights.

Whether married or not, this is for the couple who wants to learn skills that will help them grow as supportive partners.
Learn How To:

• effectively communicate with love and respect.

• create solutions that move you past your blocks and issues.

• get past your defensive reactions and lead with your heart.

• be a truly great partner.

• discover how you both want to grow as a couple and methods to nurture that growth.

• increase emotional and physical intimacy.

Additional Services

Designed for anyone who has a gap between where or who they are and where or who they want to be.


  • Define your goals and the results you are seeking.
  • Determine if this is the right path for you.
  • Take the steps needed to reach your goals.
Designed for those who just have a question, problem, or issue that they want to work out as needed.

How it works:

It is first come, first serve. Call when you have time to talk privately and without interruptions. If I’m unable to answer your call, please leave a message with your name, telephone number and your availability. I will call you back as soon as my schedule allows.

Tuesdays, 8 am – 2 pm EST
$35 per 15 minutes and must be paid by a credit card.

Speaking engagements that I conduct range from informal panel discussions to workshops and presentations on setting goals to speaking on the common pitfalls in relationships, effective yet loving and respectful communication, and what is needed to finally find the right partner.

Please feel free to request a topic that isn’t mentioned here.

Open Door Policy: With all coaching (except for the Laser Coaching) you may reach me between appointments through unlimited email or unlimited quick phone calls (up to 10 minutes).
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