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Life & Relationship Coach

I have always been interested in helping people. From a young age I noticed how they interacted and what made them unhappy or happy. Through studying others as well as my own personal experiences, I learned what worked, what didn’t work and about patterns that we all have.

Being passionate about self-development, I created systems and programs for myself to help conquer my own issues, whether about my upbringing, my fears, or my negative relationship patterns. Due to forward thinking, solution finding and hard work, I have grown and am no longer all the things I worked so hard to overcome. After becoming a Life & Relationship Coach in 2000, I developed them into systems and programs that now help my clients grow. They worked for me and they will work for you.

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 Professional History

  • Graduate of Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Graduate of Coach University
  • Graduate of The Academy of Professional Hypnosis
  • Graduate of The Stress Resiliency Coach Training Program
  • Host of the weekly radio show “The Empower Hour” on WTBQ AM in the Hudson Valley, NY
  • Former contributing writer for The Times-Herald Record
  • Former President of Hudson Valley Compassion
  • Winner of 3 Best Speaker Toastmaster International awards

My passion

I am passionate about coaching people to take control over their lives. Thatʼs right – you have control over the decisions you make and how you choose to interpret and respond to the events in your life.

I am passionate about making a difference. It is said that work and relationships are the two areas of your life that matters most. Relationships are what poetry, theater, art, and songs are written about. While work is a huge part of how you live, love is what we live for. Yet, more often than not, love and our relationships take a back seat.

I am passionate about respect and compassion for all, including relationships we have with lovers, partners, siblings, parents, children, friends, superiors, subordinates, co- workers, even strangers, as well as with the environment and all living creatures.

My Coaching

I am a life coach. I have coached many different types of people with a myriad of goals – results that they wanted to see in their life whether it be a business endeavor or a personal issue. I started my coaching practice after realizing that I have been helping people throughout my life and loved every minute of it.

Even before becoming a coach, I helped people overcome fears, start a business, brought siblings back together after not speaking for a long time, and so much more. After becoming a life coach, I knew that I was doing what I was meant to do. Since 2000, I have been coaching, conducting workshops and speaking. Once I realized that healthy relationships were at the root of every Client’s goals, I decided to specialize in relationship coaching.

I Believe

I believe that all relationships mirror the relationship that you have with yourself. This includes relationships with another person, as well as your relationship with money, work, etc. Having a healthy, loving relationship with yourself will result in a healthy, loving relationship with others.

I believe that people can change if they work at it – if they want to improve themselves and their lives badly enough. I have been coaching myself since I was about 7 years old.

As I noticed how I wanted to improve, I explored that part of me and gave myself homework until I created a new healthier way of thinking and new healthy habits. I transformed myself. I believe you can, too. Iʼm here for you. Iʼm here to help.

Make your life about choice – not chance!

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